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Tips for sellers

So you’re ready to sell your home? Here are a few tips to help.

Getting your price right:
A good price will ensure that you get the best possible return for your home while ensuring that you don’t under price or over price. Over pricing will make your home look stale when offering price cuts to try to attract offers. Underpricing will not provide you with the best return for your home. With that in mind you will always be in control of your home sale. I will guide and provide advice but it’s always your home and your decision. I will never pressure you into accepting any offer to undersell your home.

Marketing your Home:
I will market your home. Not only will your home be listed on the MLS listing exchange. I will provide a feature listing on my own website. A prominent “FOR SALE” sign in the front of your home. Feature sheets and brochures will be available for open houses. Agent networking through our vast network of offices and agents ensures that your home gets exposure at the earliest time during listing.

Staging your home for potential buyers:
Get your current home in selling and showing condition. Fix any ripped screens, leaky plumping and chipped paint. Pack and store things that personalize your home. Another aspect of this is personal security since showing your home to prospective buyers is opening up your space to the public. You don’t really need or want them to be seeing personal details of your family. I can help with this and ensure that you depersonalize for showings. Use the half empty rule which is to ensure all your closets and cabinets are half empty. Buyers will look for storage space so you want your closets and storage spaces to look neat and tidy.

Showings and Open Houses:
Be flexible with your home showing times.
Buyers will want to see the home soon after they have an interest. Being flexible with showing times, will ensure your home is shown in a timely manner to prospective buyers. A waiting buyer may find another home to look at and forget yours.

Initial meeting with me as your Real Estate Agent:
• I will do a full preview of your home and provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis(CMA).
• I will discuss what you are willing and not willing to give up.
• I will discuss what you want the outcome of your sale to be in advance so you can avoid haggling over minor details.
• I will discuss what common conditions buyers may request in an offer and the time frames for which each condition should to be met.