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Tips for Buyers

So you’re ready to buy a new home! Here are a few tips to help.

Determine what you can afford!
You should also consider getting a pre-approved mortgage, doing this will give you confidence to buy what you know you can afford. In the three to six month period before you buy try to keep your money where it is. Try not to make large purchases, get new credit cards or move your money around. Lenders want to see that your situation is stable and they will be looking for a complete paper trail.

Choose the type of home that meets your lifestyle needs!
What type of home do you want; there are two major types of homes – freehold and condominium
Would you like to live in the suburbs, or would you prefer a country setting?
Is there a specific school that you want your children to attend?
Does your home need to be in a certain neighborhood, with specific amenities close by?
Are there special requirements that you need, such as a wheel chair ramp?

Talk with a real estate agent!
Meet with me as your Real Estate Agent, as a knowledgeable agent, I can direct you in the process and give you advice and guidance from finding the right home to submitting an offer. I will help with finding a home inspector. As your agent, my guidance will take you through to the end of the process right to the closing date. We will ask the right questions on your prospective new purchase, like does it have a survey! What to do if you think there may be soil contamination?

Talk with a real estate lawyer!
Meet with your lawyer, he/she will be able to explain all the legalities and expenses that go along with purchasing a home.
Closing Costs:
Land Transfer Tax
Adjustment costs
Lawyers ‘Fees

Maintain your home!
You’ve made a big investment in your home, so you should take care of it all year round. It’s important to remember that the ongoing maintenance of your new home helps to ensure that your home keeps and maintains it value.

Enjoy all your new home has to offer!
You’ve done a lot of research, decision making and waiting by the time you reach this point.

Now it’s time to enjoy your new home!